I believe that exercise should be first and foremost an enjoyable experience.  Secondary to that, it should improve your health - whether that be cardiovascular, muscular or psychological .  A happy by-product of this, is that it can have aesthetic advantages, be that fat loss or an increase in tone.  I try to make all programmes as functional as possible - I'm not one for biceps curls!  

Your initial appointment involves a comprehensive assessment including health and fitness history, blood pressure, height, weight and appropriate anthropometric measurements as well as a physical assessment specific to your goals - including but not limited to cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance testing.

From there I can create a personalised programme to be completed in the studio with me, at the gym you attend, or at your own home. Regular reassessments and programme updates will help you stay motivated, monitor progress, prevent you from plateauing and most importantly - keep things interesting!


Personal Training Session

45 minutes : $50

5 sessions: $230

10 sessions: $450


Comprehensive assessment, personalised goal-orientated programme written, instruction and training.  Timely reassessment & programme updates


Assessment & Programme Only

Initial: $100

Reassessment & Updated Programme : $75


Comprehensive assessment, personalised goal-orientated programme written for use in another gym or at home